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Liz and Mollie: Holiday Treats

The holiday season is upon us! While we could do without the shopping madness, we are excited for vacation (real, don't-check-your-email vacation).

Research shows that extended time off keeps us healthy and productive, especially if we have little or no contact with our colleagues while we’re away. But more than half of Americans don’t take all of their paid vacation. It’s hard to head to a remote island when the thought of being away from your email for a day leaves you wracked with guilt. Liz used to fear even asking for vacation because she thought her bosses might view her as unreliable. Managers, how you talk about vacation matters. A lot.The majority of employees say their managers communicate nothing, negative messages, or mixed messages about taking vacation; with a little more encouragement, almost everyone would use more vacation time. So give your employees a valuable gift this December: encourage them to stay offline over the holiday break, and set a good example by staying offline yourself.

In the spirit of celebration, we're devoting this month's newsletter to holiday treats. Here are a few articles we found delightful. Have a wonderful end of the year!

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