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Are you hard to read or can your coworkers always tell how you’re feeling? Does every member of your team feel safe throwing out ideas?

Check out our emotional tendencies assessment to learn how you can better harness emotion at work Our assessments are based on the years of research we did for the book and focus on three areas:

  • "You" assessments help you learn about your own emotional tendencies
  • "Your Team" assessments focus on evaluating your team’s emotional culture
  • "Your organization" assessments will give you valuable insight into your organization’s emotion norms.

You might be surprised by what you learn about yourself, your team, and your organization!

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Interview: Giles Turnbull from the UK Government Digital Service on writing an “It’s Ok To” list

When we first saw this “It’s ok to” list floating around the internet, we were immediately fans. What a great way to tangibly codify an organization’s emotional culture! For our forthcoming book, we interviewed Giles Turnbull, the writer at the UK Government Digital Service (GDS) who wrote the list. Giles created the list to help new hires “absorb five years of culture quickly and easily, without having to find things out by accident.” Giles has since moved on from the GDS, but we interviewed him about his experience of creating the list.

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