Recent Press:

TIME Magazine: Why You Shouldn’t Hide Your Emotions at Work (Online) View image of print article here.

Financial Times: Book of the Month (Paywall) View PDF of article here. “This is a primer for anyone who wants to be “authentic” at work while remaining professional.”

Adam Grant: The 19 New Leadership Books to Read in 2019 “If you’ve ever thought it’s best to check your emotions at the office door, this book will change your mind.”

Success Magazine: Round-up of “books to be better in 2019” “This book offers valuable advice in a unique way. The tips are split up into lists, do’s and don’ts and—because Fosslien is an illustrator of the webcomic Out of the Office—a lot of the book comes in charts, cartoons, and graphs, which makes all of the information very approachable.”

BookPage: Editors featured book: “A fresh, funny approach to handling workplace relationships.”

Publisher’s Weekly: PW Review: “An encouraging, thorough guide for those trying to manage being human beings in workplaces not always designed for them.”


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