Behind the book: Selling the manuscript

In a previous Behind the Book post, we talked about writing our book proposal. Once our agent, Lisa DiMona, was satisfied with what we put together, she sent the proposal to business book editors and then scheduled in-person meetings with those who were interested in working on the book. Liz flew from Berkeley to New York (where all but one of the publishers were based) for “meetings week.”

Ahead of these meetings, Lisa gave us a list of questions publishers might ask: Who do you think is your main audience for the book? If you’re aiming for a millennial audience, what is the irresistible promise for that reader? Are you suggesting that we change when and how we have emotions at work-- or just suggesting that we change how we talk about them? When you say, “embracing emotions at work,” are you suggesting that it’s okay for people to get angry and yell at others? What marketing ideas do you have for promoting the book?

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