Our Shared Story


In 2013, Liz accepted a job in New York City and began to plan her move from San Francisco. Afraid of her impending introduction to what she perceived as the abrasive and unrelenting New York world, she frantically asked everyone she knew to set her up on NYC friend dates. Two months later, she met Mollie at a small cafe in the city, where they talked laughed, and knew they were going to be fast friends.

In addition to a shared geography and sense of humor, we discovered that we both love taking on creative side projects. At the time, Mollie was writing articles about workplace culture and organizational design, and Liz was creating a weekly comic and illustrating a campaign for Ernst & Young. Our writing and illustration skills were obviously complementary, so working together felt like a very natural progression of our friendship.

The topics we write about stem from our similar personalities and interests: we are both introverted, creative people who have studied and worked in the traditional business world. We’ve both experienced ups and downs as we navigated our career paths and have relied on deep introspection to help us choose the right roles and projects. 


 Mollie and Liz


Liz Fosslien is an information designer whose clients include Salesforce, Ernst & Young, the Stanford d.School, and The Economist and whose personal data visualization/illustration projects have been viewed over 7 million times. Liz serves as the Creative Director for Parliament, a firm that facilitates collaboration between Fortune 500 executives and best-selling business book authors including Susan Cain, Adam Grant, Tom Rath, and Chip Heath. She has a B.A. in Math and Economics from Pomona College.


Mollie West Duffy is an Organizational Designer at IDEO in New York and an adjunct professor at Stanford’s New York City campus of the d.school (design school). Mollie formerly worked as a research associate for the Dean of Harvard Business School Nitin Nohria and renowned strategy professor Michael E. Porter. She's written for Fast Company, Quartz, the Stanford Social Innovation Review, Quiet Rev and other digital outlets. She co-founded the Capital Good Fund, Rhode Island's first microfinance fund in 2008. She has a B.A. in Organizational Behavior from Brown University and an MFA in Design from Parsons School of Design.